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Environmental Efforts


Banana Republic is committed to becoming a more environmentally-conscious brand. The ideal of a clean planet is one we share with our customers and our community, which is why we're proud of our multi-action plan focused on reducing our environmental impact, while still providing our customers with the same standard of high-quality, affordable luxury we always have. Our business is dependent on our earth's limited natural resources, so with a few changes — and your support — we're doing our part to conserve and protect the environment. We understand that what's good for the earth is ultimately good for us too.

Our environmental strategy is focused on greening three key areas: our packaging, our stores, and our products. Specifically this means conserving energy, making smarter use of raw materials, and offering organic or sustainable products whenever possible. By sustainable, we mean products that are developed primarily from renewable resources in ways that have less impact on the environment. Although we've already taken many steps to become more eco-friendly, our green program is just getting started, and we plan to grow it as much as we can.

Together, we can help to reduce our environmental impact and preserve our natural resources, while running a business that's as good for the earth as it is for our customer — one step at a time. After all, the ultimate luxury, and one we should all be able to afford, is a healthy planet.




Many of our current packaging supplies, including boxes and shopping bags are made with a percentage of recycled material–and we are working to increase these percentages wherever possible. Here's what we're doing now:

  • In 2006, we purchased 2,481 tons of recycled paper to reduce our use of paper supplies made from virgin pulp.
  • Our everyday shopping bags contain 15% recycled material and are recyclable.
  • Our shoe boxes contain 50% recycled material and are recyclable.
  • Our standard gift boxes are made with 35% recycled material and are recyclable.
  • Our price tickets are made of 100% recycled material are currently being phased into all stores.



We do our best to make our stores as green as they can be. We are a proud partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program, a voluntary initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 11% by the end of 2008.

Efficient fluorescent lighting, temperature control and management training on energy-saving practices demonstrates our commitment to reducing our impact and has helped us achieve an overall energy savings of over 41%. We're proud to say that thanks to these upgrades, each of our energy-efficient stores saves over 16 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year.


  • We're replacing our lighting fixtures with energy-efficient halogen bulbs to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • We've committed to the installation of a one megawatt solar system at our Fresno, California distribution center, enabling us to run a portion of our operation with clean solar energy. The system is expected to generate approximately 1.9 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually — equivalent to the electricity required to power approximately 350 homes for a year.


  • Banana Republic store floors are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood from sustainable forests.
  • Our store restroom tiles are made of 15% recycled material.
  • Many of our outdoor advertising billboards are being recycled and reused as roofing material for homes.



Denim Clean Water Program
Our denim products go through an extensive dyeing and treatment process in order to achieve the look and feel that our customers love. This process takes place in special laundry facilities around the world. To ensure the safety of water these facilities discharge back into the environment, we require laundries to participate in our water quality program, which is based on Business for Social Responsibility's strict clean water guidelines.

Organic and Sustainable New Products
Banana Republic values the opinions and ideals of our customers. That's why we responded when we learned customers wanted eco-friendlier products. We're proud and excited to introduce a selection of products featuring organic cotton and other sustainable fibers in Summer 2008. This collection features both basic essentials as well as iconic pieces that represent the best of Banana Republic design.