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BR Classics — EST. 1978
Iconic styles, made for living, creating, and transforming.
This is who we are — Forever & Today
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As seen on Wanting - Principle Dancer, San Francisco Ballet. "In ballet, classical means traditional ballet techniques - the foundation for every movement. Once you have the classical ballet techniques down, you can transform it into something contemporary." Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen on Musa - Event Organizer. “I come from a rich culture where men dressed up – they were always very classic and dapper. So, when I wear a suit, I feel a sense of culture and connection. Follow the story @BananaRepublic”
As Seen On Teresa - Yogi. “What I love about a classic style is that because it’s simple, it allows me to express my personal style – which is a mix of comfortable and feminine – in a beautiful way.” Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen On Gabriel - Artist. “If something ages well, it follows the path of society and is revisited again and again, it just naturally becomes a classic.” Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen On Blair - Fashion Influencer. “I let my mood dictate what I’m going to wear for the day, but I’m always driven to pieces in my closet that I can use again and again, pieces I can get creative with.”Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen on Jino - Oenophile. “To me, a classic is something that has unchanging beauty that adapts with the times.”  Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen on Stephanie - Antiques Collector. “To me, a classic is something that doesn’t need an evolution. It’s perfect as is, nothing more and nothing less.”  Follow the story @BananaRepublic
As Seen On Lisa - Ceramicist. “Every object carries energy. That’s why classic pieces never go out of style – their energy comes from the meaning and memories they hold for us.”  Follow the story @BananaRepublic