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Meet Tatiana

March 5, 2014

Tatiana Padron, an assistant store manager for Old Navy Mission Valley #5876 in San Diego, shares her employee story and what "do more" looks like to her.

When I think of an American brand, this is the one I think of first.

I grew up in Mexico City. Back then there were no Gaps in Mexico, and I remember friends coming back from their U.S. vacations in Gap logo hoodies, which were only available there. I remember saying "I want one so bad!"

So when I moved to the United States at 19, the first place I applied for my first job ever was at a Banana Republic Factory Store. When I was hired, the first thing I bought was a Gap hoodie.

I always envisioned this company as a long-term career move for me. I started out as a seasonal holiday sales associate in 2006, then was quickly promoted to stock supervisor and then an assistant manager. I worked there for four years before leaving to work at another company for a new experience. Of course, it wasn't until I was gone that I was able to really appreciate all that Gap Inc. stands for. I was working at a company that didn't value their employees and saw their customers only as dollar signs...I only lasted there eight months before I sought a new job at Old Navy.

I was hired back at the company as a merchandising manager and promoted to assistant store manager six months later. I've been here ever since.

In my time with the company, what’s really struck me is how personable and inclusive Gap Inc. is. We don't discriminate; people from all backgrounds work here and we're encouraged to be who we are.

I'm a manager now, but Gap Inc.'s plan to increase U.S. minimum wages for those who work here still spoke volumes to me. It proves that our company invests in all employees and values us and what we contribute. We have so many students here at our store working their way through college; single parents raising their kids; and people starting their careers in retail—this increase is for them.

Yeah, we really do more than sell clothes here.


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