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Meet Amber

April 25, 2014

Amber Torres from Old Navy in Gilroy, California shares her story and her take on our decision to raise the minimum hourly rate for our U.S. employees.

Doing more is more than just money.

When Gap Inc. decided to raise its minimum hourly rate, I was really excited because it shows that the company appreciates us. And when we feel good, our customers benefit – they see how much we like coming to work, that we are happy, and we are giving them great service.

When I joined Old Navy, it was because I loved the clothes and the brand. Little did I know I was joining a family. Right away, I felt like I fit in. Anyone can fit in here. It is the type of place where we have fun and can be ourselves, and our customers love that.

I am so thankful of Gap Inc. for raising the wage. I will now have the flexibility I need while in school, have fun, and get a raise. I couldn’t ask for more!


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